Wanelo Gift Cards FAQ

How do Wanelo Gift Cards work?
Wanelo Gift Cards can be purchased in six denominations. 

Once your purchase is confirmed, you'll receive a printable PDF of your Gift Card to give to your lucky recipient. 

To redeem, your recipient just needs to email us at giftcards@wanelo.com with their Wanelo username and the name of the person who purchased the gift card. Redemption is subject to verification by Wanelo.

A Wanelo Gift Card balance is reflected as “Wanelo Credits” on a shopper’s account, which will be applied at checkout when making a purchase on Wanelo.  

What can be purchased with a Wanelo Gift Card?
The Wanelo Gift Card can be used towards shopping from millions of products on Wanelo. Just look for products with the special Wanelo Buy Button:
These are exclusive products made available for purchase directly on Wanelo.
Note: you cannot use your Wanelo Gift Card on purchases made outside of Wanelo.

Do gift cards expire? Does the recipient have to redeem within a certain timeframe?
Not at all because Wanelo Gift Cards do not expire (but seriously, why wait?).

How do I know the recipient successfully received the gift card?
You’ll receive an email once the gift card has been redeemed.

Do I get to choose a holiday image to show on the gift card?
No, sorry! All Wanelo Gift Cards come in a standard design that cannot be customized. Also, please remember they are digital gift cards that Wanelo sends to your lucky ones, so please note they are not available as physical cards to mail.  

Can I include a message for the recipient along with the Wanelo Gift Card?
Yes! You'll receive a printable PDF of your gift card, which contains room for you to write a message for your recipient. 

Does the recipient have to have a Wanelo account to redeem my Wanelo Gift Card?
You can purchase a Wanelo Gift Card for ANYONE in your life (as long as you give us an email), but if the person doesn’t have an existing Wanelo account, no worries. Your recipient will just need to download the Wanelo app (available on iOS and Android) or sign up at Wanelo.com, and email us with their username to redeem their gift card.

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$1,000? $10,000? $100,000?

Wanelo Gift Cards are a Wanelo shopper’s dream come true. You can buy a Wanelo Gift Card for your friends and family so they can shop from millions of products on Wanelo and get exactly what they want this holiday.

When you buy a Wanelo Gift Card, you'll receive a printable PDF of the gift card to give to your lucky recipient. 

Questions? Email giftcards@wanelo.com.

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